Evidence of TDD in the Bible (Eph 1:4 NLT)

I read a scripture this morning which shows clear evidence that God practices some form of Test Driven Design. Bear with me as it may sound non-obvious or one huge stretch. Just read Ephesians 1:4 NLT where it says:

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.

The key phrase is Before he made the world… That is before he wrote the code of humanity he chose us. Again, this may be counter-intuitive, but think about it. He chose us… he designed who we were to be before we existed. That is, he designed our outer interface or the blueprint for who we were to be in advance of implementing us. Y’all probably think I’m playing but I don’t kid around when it comes to scripture. This particular passage strikes me in a certain way as it’s the first I’ve read that clearly paints a connection from my faith to my coding practices. I’ve always known there was a pattern between what I study at church and the how I practice development but I couldn’t put my finger it. Then this passage jumps right out of the good book and describes the connection.

No long winded rant is necessary for tonight’s post, I believe the word says enough as it is written. Think about it.

New Chapter

Today I open a new chapter in my career and in my life. I’ve long been a gadget guy or, as my buddy JC calls me, a “gear-head”. Today I’m starting something new. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you’re looking for me to give you another ridiculous explanation of why you are here. I’m here because of a number of choices made over the years which have lead to this huge transition.

This site is all about tech. Over the years I intentionally refrained from posting about anything other than technology on this site. Politics, current events, news, religion were all considered irrelevant. I am, however, a devoted Christian with a passion to share my experiences with others. I love sharing what I’ve been through and it’s the sole reason this site exists today. Still, I’ve always felt a strong desire to keep this blog focused exclusively on tech a if the slightest mention of anything else would be contamination. I’ve never had more than a handful of hits on my stats counter with my Auntie Sharon being one of my most devoted readers. As a result I don’t feel there Earth would move too dramatically if I make the change I am planning to make.

I’ll keep this brief. By now you probably know where I’m going with the terms, “transition”, and “new chapter”. If not let me be frank. (Actually let me continue to be Cliff, because I don’t know who Frank is or why so many people want to be him.) I will be sharing stories of my journey as I slowly begin to give myself to Jesus. I am taking my inspiration from another friend who has also been blogging about God. I will tag the posts accordingly so those who are purely interested in my walk can find them.

The reason I consider this a new chapter is because I’ve been feeling a strong desire or instinct to follow a path other than technology. T.D. Jakes explains, in his sermons “Instinct to Increase”, that we often have hidden passions or desires that don’t fit our current role. In many ways I see these budding passions of mine similar to what the Bishop explains. It is uncomfortable to follow these instincts but necessary. I am in no way planning on converting this blog to a Christian blog nor will I refrain from posting the latest tips/tricks on things like how to get your web views on Android to sing to one another. However, I will begin following my new instincts as I sprinkle inspirational stories and messages here and there. I thank all three of my devoted visitors in advance for their continued support.