GroovyConsole From Quicksilver gotcha

A quick post tonight because I ain’t been doin’ my due dilligence with keepin’ y’all informed. Do you got a Mac? I do. Do you like Groovy? I sure as heck do! try installing Groovy then running groovyConsole from QuickSilver. It works like a charm! Looks really lovely. But wait! Now try launching Firefox, or iTunes, or anything else. After reading that sentence, if you’re anything like me you immediately tried your quicksilver hot-key sequence to Launch Firefox or iTunes or Safari or whatever. If you didn’t launch from quicksilver try it now. See what I mean???!!! WTF???!!! Where’s QuickSilver? Now kill GroovyConsole. What the heck is Quicksilver doing? Playing catchup? For what it’s worth, this is not necessarily a Groovy bug, more like a QuickSilver Feature. It doesn’t spawn processes and forget about them. It runs them inline and blocks/waits for them to complete. I got bit by this before and thought I’d give a heads up.