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Can your IDE do this?

So I’m tapping out a test method in my favorite tool for developing mobile software and it looks like this: Then I notice… no, scratch that I don’t even notice that auto-complete has sprung into action and is offering me the proper completion at the top of the list, “getText()”. It happens in the most …

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IntelliJ Android Test java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: junit/textui/ResultPrinter

A short post for those who are wondering if I’m still alive. I got an error trying to run unit tests in an Android project under IntelliJ Idea and I got stumped. After a few minutes of Googling it dawned on me that I had chosen to run the test using a JUnit run configuration …

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Idea OSX And Maven

So I got a custom install of Maven because I’m trying to share configs with other people in my company. And I use multiple machines which all have the custom Maven install in a different path. It’s on a C drive for windows, under a java-apps folder on OSX, and under ~/Programs/JavaApps on Linux. Everytime …

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Idea Maven Drama

Ain’t got much time to speak on it but here’s what happening. Just upgraded to Idea 7.0.3… upgrading Idea always feels like Christmas… anyhowz… Went thru some pain getting my Maven projects hooked up right. This was on my Mac. I have an install of Idea on four or five machines here. The one on …

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You get the big Idea?

Developers tend to stick with particular tools, unless you’re the daring type. Once they learn and familiarize with something it’s hard to get them to change. I’m a believer in constant change. Always look for the new and improved. Keep your eye on what’s out there even if it costs you some downtime to relearn …

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That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Every so often I get myself into a jam. Typically it involves some deadline, a low-ball estimate I gave, or inaccurate progress reported against an individual assignment. When I get into these tight situations sometimes I pray. Sometimes I cheat, and sometimes I just bang my head and look stoopid. Then there are those times …

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