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iPhone Boot Camp

Platoon… Attention! Forward… March! About… Face! Platoon… Halt! Parade Rest!… At ease… Many moons ago I attended boot camp and that’s kinda the jest of it. Sure there were some rifles fired here and some push ups done there. I believe there was even a drill sergeant or two but the above was the general …

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iPhony Frameworks

So I’m writin’ all kinds of Objective-C code, right? And I’m finally in my element because I got Google Tools For Mac doin’ the SenTest thing, right? I even figured out how to include modules using project relative paths. That’s when my trouble started. Y’see, I thought frameworks were no different than modules. Of course …

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Subversion 1.5 and XCode 3.1.2

Why don’t somebody fix this already? I think I finally got the latest XCode 3.1.2 to work with the latest Subversion 1.5 release. This was after downloading the latest 2.2 iPhone SDK. I scoured the web and found the best tip here. There’s another possible more automated solution here but because I don’t feel comfortable …

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The Leg Bone’s connected to the…???

No matter how many times I tell my four year old back, up she continues to play kiss the door knob. No matter how many times I warn my 9 year old to thumb-tack her book-bag to her spine in the morning, she continues to show up at school sans knapsack. I somehow believe my …

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Dynamic Dispatch Discrepancy

*Update* By the way I unsuccessfully tried overriding the methods() method and almost went as far as overriding send on my mock wrapping ObjCMock class. My experience in MOP tells me that overriding send is likely rooted in trouble so I decided against it. Yesterday’s Ruby drama ended with my finding a hack around the …

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RSpec for iPhone development

So last night I did some laundry, taught my oldest daughter how to write code, took both of my girls shoe shopping, washed the little one’s hair, raked the leaves cooked dinner, then finally got a start on trying RSpec against a Cocoa Touch controller class. Yep, I was kinda sorta busy. Had I a …

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Murder me!

I’m spending too much time trying to figure out how to assert that a string is properly URL encoded! I refuse to take the traditional approach of running code in the application and peeking through debugger goggles or some obscure log output. Unit tests are made for this sorta thing! I’e had some tips that …

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Objective C, Almost closures?

I’m about toe deep in ObjC and Cocoa and I’m starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling everytime I message and object without needing a type cast. I get really warm/fuzzy when I use @selector() to throw extra executable logic from a long running process back onto the main thread. Now I’m thinking about the …

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XCode refactoring sux!

The title may be slightly exaggerated but when you grow used to a tool like IntelliJ Idea you start to become spoiled by everything it gives you. First off refactoring support in Idea is second to NONE! Honestly, there are no front runners. When you code in Idea you can literally feel the text of …

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What’s the difference?

It”s late and I’m stumped. Trying to figure out what’s the difference between and: I’ve seen this pattern twice, once in an iPhone SDK book and once in code generated by XCode. That’s enough to make me feel like there’s a reason we use a temp variable here. (Incidentally I didn’t notice the redundancy in …

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