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Swing runs slow over remote X11 sessions

I don’t know what’s more painful, constantly switching keyboards between machines and virtual machines, or trying to get work done over any kind of remote session. I’ve installed a golden VM on my desktop at the office under VirtualBox. It’s golden because it’s configured in a way that I don’t wish to repeat/re-learn/re-configure. I’m prototyping …

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Sounds like Linux

Once upon a time I posted a hack-tip about getting the Flash plugin unblocked while your music player ran. The article was a gross restatement of an experience I had while learning BDD while listening to Wu-Tang. (In hind sight it would have been much simpler to just stop Amarok as it’s waay to difficult …

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The SSH-wiss Army Knife

I wrote about SSH port forwarding a while ago but I don’t think y’all heard me. Listen up. (Place your ear within mere centimeters of your monitor if you will so that I can scream at’cha.) SECURE SHELL IS TEH BEST TOOL YOU’LL EVER USE IN YOUR ENGINEERING CAREER! I’m writing today because I was …

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SSH tunnels and remote port forwarding

If you want you can skip the beginning blurb and go right to the recipe. Every so often you face a tough problem then someone sayz to yuh, “Cliff, have you tried ssh tunnels?” (well that’s what hey would say to you if you were me, and if you were me you would have a …

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Creative Sound Blaster X Fi on Ubuntu Hardy

I got a lot to say but no time to say it. For now just know that I’m back on Linux and fighting with audio incompatibility. It sux because most everything else works on my fresh new Mint Linux (that’s right I’m on Mint now, not Mepis, not Kubuntu…) install. For what it’s worth I …

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