Apple’s Mail Locked Up?

Happened to me this morning. The symptoms are: launch mail, click anywhere in the windows and watch the spinning pinwheel mock you constantly… spinning and mocking you. If Mail on your Mac hangs or stops responding then here’s a 1 minute fix that may or may not work for you. Backup and delete (just drag them out of their locations to another folder or your desktop) the following:
~/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

(The tilde “~” is shorthand for your home directory or /Users/YourUserName)

GroovyConsole From Quicksilver gotcha

A quick post tonight because I ain’t been doin’ my due dilligence with keepin’ y’all informed. Do you got a Mac? I do. Do you like Groovy? I sure as heck do! try installing Groovy then running groovyConsole from QuickSilver. It works like a charm! Looks really lovely. But wait! Now try launching Firefox, or iTunes, or anything else. After reading that sentence, if you’re anything like me you immediately tried your quicksilver hot-key sequence to Launch Firefox or iTunes or Safari or whatever. If you didn’t launch from quicksilver try it now. See what I mean???!!! WTF???!!! Where’s QuickSilver? Now kill GroovyConsole. What the heck is Quicksilver doing? Playing catchup? For what it’s worth, this is not necessarily a Groovy bug, more like a QuickSilver Feature. It doesn’t spawn processes and forget about them. It runs them inline and blocks/waits for them to complete. I got bit by this before and thought I’d give a heads up.

Build Native Blackberry apps natively on a Mac… using Maven!

Click here for the Maven Blackberry code behind this post.

Aight, I can’t help it! I’ve been itching to get this done for sooo long. If you’re into Blackberry development then you’ll understand just how absurd the above title sounds. Let me just throw intelliJ Idea into the mix as well then you’ll begin to see the big picture. Starting to do J2ME development, an experienced Java guy like myself has naturally gravitated towards a certain set of tools. Maven2 is hands down the only acceptable build system for a Java project, while Idea beats the pants off of Eclipse, and Windows boxes…? Forget it! Java runs practically double speed on a *Nix OS plus with the flash of OS X there’s no question as to what boots on a typical knowledgeable hard working Java developer’s box. All of these tools work well, and most of them work well together. BUT… BUT!!! Doing J2ME implies Windows and Ant all around so there’s gonna be either a divorcing of the toolchain or a boatload of integration issues. This weekend I fought through the biggest of the integration issues. And this morning I finally managed to build a Blackberry .cod deployable program… completely without Windows… using a Maven2 pom… natively on my Mac! I’ve been updating my blog incrementally with all of the individual pieces so I won’t go into too much detail here. At a high level I’ll explain the tools involved.

  • One Apple Macintosh (iBook, MacPro, MacbookPro, MacAir, whatever…)
  • One Blackberry (Preferably not Verizon because I don’t think they support J2ME)
  • One Windows install (I know, but this is only to extract the Blackberry tools! You can throw the whole thing away once you got the goods out of the JDE downloads. If you have a buddy that already has the JDE just steal it from him and skip this piece all together.)
  • One install of the Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE).
  • One bottle of scotch (or wine) for to celebrate with.
  • One install of Maven2
  • Two tablets of asprin (to handle the hangover after you’ve spent the entire rest of the day celebrating with scotch or wine.)

I think that’s everything in the ingredients list. I’ll post back later with the recipe as time allows.

Mighty Macbooks and Intel Chips, Batman!

I’m still new to the blog thing. Every so often I get caught off guard. For eg., I posted an article to Digg and got close to 1000 hits. Today I babbled something about OS X on a site that nobody ever visits (this one) and got another surge. Could somebody tell me where to find the valve for the rushing page hits? I twisted and turned that little knobby thing under my toilet and only got a wet ceiling as a result. I received 100 hits from and went to check the site. When I viewed source my site was nowhere in the HTML markup. Is there and invisible gnome that trolls the web leaving sporadic links to unbeknown blog-owners dumb writings? Can I invite him over when I really do have something important to say?

What I mean is I got caught off guard. You know that feeling you get when you answer the front door all groggy at 6:30 in the morning where one slipper and a barb-wire fence for a hairstyle a tattered robe and your Snoopy boxers only to be surprised by half the neighborhood crowded on your front lawn to ask about the drunken comment you made randomly at last night’s block party which started a chain reaction of controversy? That’s sorta what I feel like. I wasn’t trying to slam Mac in general but I also wasn’t highlighting any of it’s super cool features like I typically do.

Listen up y’all… (If the crowd is still sitting in my front door after I’ve changed my robe and returned properly clad with a combed wig) I love Mac (in general) and use my Mac (for almost everything) and wish most of you were here when I first got my Mac pro. More important I hope you stick around because I have tons of questions about Macbooks, OS X’s, and Java related stuff that maybe some of you zealots can help me through. Don’t just show up in the morning and walk away. Drop a line (like a few of you did) and lets rap for a minute.