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Create Windows 7 Install Disc On a Macbook Pro

I was trying to install Windows 7 on my Mac this morning and it turned out to be an all day affair! My biggest issue was trying to create a Windows 7 install disc on a USB flash drive using Boot Camp. (Boot Camp is software included with OS X Lion so you can run …

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Apple Slides Java To The Side

I’m typing on a shiny Macbook pro. I like Macs. I have possession of several Apple devices from iPhones to laptops, to an Apple TV unit. Therefore I am qualified to tell you what your next Mac is gonna look like. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you haven’t seen what your next Apple computer …

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iChat breaks, Apple Keynote and more

I work with a remote team. As such we need remote management software. Things like net meetings, screen sharing, web based whiteboards, etc. We used to rely heavily on WebEx until company mandate pushed us to another Cisco based Meeting Place thing. Meeting Place is kinda cool but here’s the thing. It doesn’t work on …

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Mighty Macbooks and Intel Chips, Batman!

I’m still new to the blog thing. Every so often I get caught off guard. For eg., I posted an article to Digg and got close to 1000 hits. Today I babbled something about OS X on a site that nobody ever visits (this one) and got another surge. Could somebody tell me where to …

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