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Speex On iPhone Explained Part II

*Update* From part I I neglected to point out that you should un comment #define _USE_SSE in the config.h as mentioned below. This preproc directive will allow you to run on device. It was also mentioned that you could get more speed out of Speex if you #define FIXED_POINT instead of FLOATING_POINT. I have not …

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XCode 3.2.4 Bug!

Just a quick note to those of you working with XCode 3.2.4 and trying to get any sort of unit testing working. There is a known bug/issue in XCode that causes unit test builds to crash. As it is written here (and here), “some part of the reporting code not respecting timezone issues. The output …

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You must fail before you can succeed!

If you try to fail and you succeed, which have you actually done? Are you a success? Or a failure? Is it good to be a failure? Is it better to be successful at failure? Let’s add detail to the question. By the way, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you tried to fail and you …

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AssertRunsInAnotherThread ?

**Update** I’ve updated my example below after realizing I left out some important pieces… **Update** How do you assert that something runs in a different thread? Or more generically, how do you assert that something runs asynchronously? I need to do this in ObjC but also in Java. The scenario is as follows. I have …

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Mock It To Me!

I’m playing with OCMock on a random iPhone project and having nothing but pain. Naturally my only outlet is to you, dear reader. Thanx for stopping by and thank you all for the comments you’ve been leaving. Not everyone realizes how important it is not only to comment with well formed answers but to reply …

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CoverStory on IPhone projects

I really, really, really don’t care about test coverage when I develop because it’s one of those things you get for free when you follow the right practices. I always thought projects like Clover and Cobertura were a waste of time. However I recently started dreaming up an interesting use case for these kind of …

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iPhony Frameworks

So I’m writin’ all kinds of Objective-C code, right? And I’m finally in my element because I got Google Tools For Mac doin’ the SenTest thing, right? I even figured out how to include modules using project relative paths. That’s when my trouble started. Y’see, I thought frameworks were no different than modules. Of course …

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