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RSpec 4 iPhone BDD?

Is anybody doing this yet? I made an effort to use RSpec for iPhone development almost a year ago but got stumped on Ruby mock objects that didn’t seem to to play nice with CocoaTouch objects. I got a lot closer than my blog post would lead you to believe but stopped due to deadlines, …

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Dynamic Dispatch Discrepancy

*Update* By the way I unsuccessfully tried overriding the methods() method and almost went as far as overriding send on my mock wrapping ObjCMock class. My experience in MOP tells me that overriding send is likely rooted in trouble so I decided against it. Yesterday’s Ruby drama ended with my finding a hack around the …

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Ruby mock objects drop parameters

Maybe it’s me but it sure seems like Ruby mocks are dropping the parameters passed in from Objective-C. I’m about to give up on this venture into RSpec for iPhone controller code development. In my mind I see it as a huge possibility and I’m willing to give it a few more shots before I …

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RSpec for iPhone development

So last night I did some laundry, taught my oldest daughter how to write code, took both of my girls shoe shopping, washed the little one’s hair, raked the leaves cooked dinner, then finally got a start on trying RSpec against a Cocoa Touch controller class. Yep, I was kinda sorta busy. Had I a …

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The Backward Guide to Ruby Cocoa

First pretend you’re an Objective C professional and jump into iPhone development. (It helps to have absolutely no experience at this step.) Next, act over zealous about Test Driven Design and find the only unit testing framework that’ll half run against an iPhone project, one that just happens to be implemented in Ruby. Throw in …

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Ruby Calls ObjC!

I think I got it now! The other day I mentioned a problem with assert_responds_to in Ruby as you call into an ObjC controller. Today I had a different experience calling the “respond_to?” method on Object. Or so I thought the experience was different. Here’s what I observed, using autotest sometimes the assertion would pass. …

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RBIPhoneTest Oddities?

Of course I don’t expect things to work 100% so it’s no surprise that I found an oddity in the RBIPhoneTest project (brought to you by Dr. Nic). No discredit at all toward Dr. Nic, as he did a fantastic job with what little Apple gives you. Maybe it’s my misunderstanding of Ruby testing and …

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iPhone Unit? TDD?

Thank God for people like Dr Nic. I managed to test drive a simple calculator project on the iPhone using his screencast. Just a quick note if you don’t come from the Ruby camp, (you know, like you spend most of your time obsessing over the JVM and toy with Groovy on the weekends): You’ll …

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