Starbase 2 under attack!!!

I can’t remember the name of the game but I remember the voice! Let’s take a trip back. Where were you around 1982-1984 when the Intellivision and Intellivoice system made its impact? I remember where I was. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because your starbase is under attack. You’re not sure how many attackers are invading but you’re hearing the early Text To Speech (TTS) prompts, “Starbase 1 under attack, starbase 2, under attack, starbase 3 under attack!”

*Update* the name of the game was Space Spartans and the technology was actually voice synthesis not TTS. Oh and who can forget Tron? That’s what happens when you stay up late to author a post!

So I was emailing my aunt and taking a trip back to when my dad bought the Intellivision II for the family. That lead me to include some Wikipedia links, which lead me to remambering my very first experience with computer voice output. I never really thought about it but this may be one of the reasons I get all dumb over Text To Speech. I must have been about 8 t the time and I still can’t remember the name of the game, but I remember my first Intellivoice experience. Was it Star Smash? …Space Armada? Whatever the name, the voice was so impressive at the time. Robotic, though still magical, the game would alert you when your starbases came under siege. You had the opportunity to engage enemy star ships and blast them to what many refer to as “smithereens”. Now I’ve never owned or held a “smitheren” but I would imagine that is is a very small particle of matter, similar in shape/size to an atom.

Did you grow up in the early 80s? Do you remember the Intellivision? Burgertime? Type something relative in the rectangular shape below and share your experiences.

Help Me Jump

I started a new pseudo programming language project for elementary students last year around this time and demo’ed it to my daughter’s school for Career Day. Well Career Day is just around the corner and I haven’t made any progress on the project other than giving it a cool name, Jump! If anybody want to jump in and become a Jump developer give me a ping. The jar file is in the right hand side bar. Here’s what I have so far. Sprites and MIDI files from Super Mario 1,2, and 3. An M2 project around the interpreting engine which interacts with an abstract interface. Another M2 project that ties the interpreter to an instance of a game running on the Golden T engine embedded in a Swing Frame. A word-wrap API that I wrote in pursuit of a job that I didn’t take. The wordwrapper and interpreter were written TDD style while I lashed the game together last minute following the tutorials on the Golden T site.

Here’s what I’m looking for. Collision detection so Mario can bounce off the end of the screen. OthGroovy integration. er characters, the turtles the mushrooms, whatever making random movement on screen. Better backgrounds. New ideas in general. Download the executable Jar from the right hand panel and check it out, you’ll need Java 1.5 to run it. Give me some feedback and ideas and check back in a few days when I post the source files.