Asha Holi

I’m in my apartment chilling when I hear a beat. It’s one of those un-ignorable deep thumping beats that indicate fun is being had somewhere. Not sure where or why fun is being had in my absence I climb down the staircase to investigate. Hi, I’m Cliff. I’ve been trying to live in California for the past month and not getting much sleep. You’ve been living where you live likely a lot longer so just bear with me as I finish this brief story. There’s really not much to it. I’m out here ignorant of what’s happening around me and you’re right there probably laughing at my ignorance.

So as I climb down the staircase the beat thumps harder. By this point I’m certain there is a concert nearby. I look across the street and see things happening on the other side just out of view. Crossing the street lands me in the midst of some celebration which is apparently titled Asha Holi. I’ll stop writing here sos you can look it up and learn what the heck it is I’m talking about.

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