Bing for a week…

It’s amazing how much I really don’t notice the difference after my Bing for a week trial! I actually get better results in some searches. Well better is subjective, but I did get different results which turned out to be things I was actually looking for. I’ll admit, I cheated once or twice! That’s only because I had a couple of site specific searches I needed to do mid week and I was too lazy to figure out if/how you could do a site search on Bing. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you needed some random explanation as to why you stumbled across such a dumb blog. I’m here because I tend to give random nonsense explanations to people who find my site on accident. I’m also here because I had a thirst for red flavored water diluted with pure cane sugar over a week ago and now I need to report my status.

So after a week of no Google search (or mostly Bing search) I am comfortable admitting that I don’t feel the need to switch back. After their privacy policy change last week I’m not sure I’ll ever switch back. (I’m even considering dropping Gmail in favor of my Windows Live Hotmail. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d prefer Hotmail over GMail but there you go.) The first couple of days I felt a little anxiety not having the name “Google” watermarked in Safari’s search bar but that was merely a psychological issue. After 48 hours passed I didn’t even realize I was using Bing. I went on looking up sites, Lua tutorials, exceptions and error messages like had been doing days before and was never disappointed. It was similar but no where near as disastrous/expensive as my switch to Linux many years ago.

The Bing app on iOS further enhances searches in a way I can’t really explain. You have to try it to fully understand. It’s almost like the original marketing spin, a decision engine rather than a search engine. It takes only a single tap to find daily shopping deals near by, likewise looking for local movie theater showings is a tap away. I love how they combine mapping with all of the local searches and they even provide weather maps. It’s a one stop shop for all things you’d need to make a decision on. (Now if they only included turn by turn voice guided directions…)

Next steps- Switching my email account is definitely more of an effort than any potential gains would be worth. However, I’d love to switch to using other Microsoft apps. Because of my current employment it wouldn’t make sense to adopt Lync or Windows Live messenger but time may tell a different story here. I will move on to One Note next. (I’ve already switched from to using Outlook full time.) That will be interesting because I’m not much of a note taker.