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OCMock Woes

So I’m building and running tests and banging my head against oncoming traffic while trying to get the OCMock framework to do something… I dunno… mocky? I’m running Xcode 4.2 build (4D199) on Lion. Dragging and dropping the freshly downloaded “.framework” bundle doesn’t want to link. Hi, I’m Cliff and you’re here because you have …

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XCode 3.2.4 Bug!

Just a quick note to those of you working with XCode 3.2.4 and trying to get any sort of unit testing working. There is a known bug/issue in XCode that causes unit test builds to crash. As it is written here (and here), “some part of the reporting code not respecting timezone issues. The output …

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Objective-C Gotchas

You’re working in Objective-C land trying to get a product out the door and into the Apple iTunes Store, right? (Don’t argue with me I’m just setting the stage.) You’re feeling the second cup of coffee seep into your bloodstream which creates a certain euphoric sensation as the last 3 times you mashed Cmd+B turned …

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How not to link a framework in iPhone dev

With much help from Erik, the owner of OCMock, I discovered how much of a loon I can be. Let me set the stage with a story, like I typically do on this site. You’re writing unit tests for a spankin’ new iPhone project that’s gonna shake the world if it ever releases. You’ve got …

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Mock It To Me!

I’m playing with OCMock on a random iPhone project and having nothing but pain. Naturally my only outlet is to you, dear reader. Thanx for stopping by and thank you all for the comments you’ve been leaving. Not everyone realizes how important it is not only to comment with well formed answers but to reply …

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CoverStory on IPhone projects

I really, really, really don’t care about test coverage when I develop because it’s one of those things you get for free when you follow the right practices. I always thought projects like Clover and Cobertura were a waste of time. However I recently started dreaming up an interesting use case for these kind of …

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RSpec 4 iPhone BDD?

Is anybody doing this yet? I made an effort to use RSpec for iPhone development almost a year ago but got stumped on Ruby mock objects that didn’t seem to to play nice with CocoaTouch objects. I got a lot closer than my blog post would lead you to believe but stopped due to deadlines, …

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iPhony Frameworks

So I’m writin’ all kinds of Objective-C code, right? And I’m finally in my element because I got Google Tools For Mac doin’ the SenTest thing, right? I even figured out how to include modules using project relative paths. That’s when my trouble started. Y’see, I thought frameworks were no different than modules. Of course …

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Dynamic Dispatch Discrepancy

*Update* By the way I unsuccessfully tried overriding the methods() method and almost went as far as overriding send on my mock wrapping ObjCMock class. My experience in MOP tells me that overriding send is likely rooted in trouble so I decided against it. Yesterday’s Ruby drama ended with my finding a hack around the …

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RSpec for iPhone development

So last night I did some laundry, taught my oldest daughter how to write code, took both of my girls shoe shopping, washed the little one’s hair, raked the leaves cooked dinner, then finally got a start on trying RSpec against a Cocoa Touch controller class. Yep, I was kinda sorta busy. Had I a …

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