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Can your IDE do this?

So I’m tapping out a test method in my favorite tool for developing mobile software and it looks like this: Then I notice… no, scratch that I don’t even notice that auto-complete has sprung into action and is offering me the proper completion at the top of the list, “getText()”. It happens in the most …

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When refactoring goes horribly wrong

You’ve been down this road before. You’ve added a parameter to a constructor and now you have 2 parameters with similar names. You merely want to distinguish between them both. A quick lookup to see how the original parameter is used reveals that it is not an “id” rather it is a shortcut. After refactor/rename …

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Progressive Multimedia Downloads

So I’m switching careers… I’m not getting a new job. I’m just finally getting into Android development, or so I thought. There’s one catch. I have this media server I developed that’s occupying all of my free/professional/personal/sleep hours. It’s not the media server occupying my time. Actually it’s my thirst for knowledge/expertise in the multi-media …

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Sharing output streams through a JNI interface

Maybe it’s me, but there seems to be a shortage of expert information on the net these days. I dunno about you but I constantly find myself running out of Google links and StackOverflow replies when looking for an answer to some rather valid technical issues. Am I the only one out there trying some …

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JNI, C++, Idea, and Netbeans looks good

I’ve been trying to get comfortable with C++. I’m finding quite a few native libraries that I need to talk to… programmatically. So I tried GEdit. Then I moved on to Windows and Eclipse. Everytime I want to install an Eclipse plugin I somehow find it easier to just grab an Eclipse bundle. (Plugin conflicts …

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Don’t forget to flush!

It’s been a rough day. I spent the majority of it chasing down random misbehavior on a staging server. My development machine is 32 bit. (Technically my development machine is 64 bit but I’m running a 32bit Kernel in my OS.) The staging server is 64bit. I write Java. Java sez, “you write once and …

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Linux Can’t load library:libmawt.so

Your a Java developer and you’ve installed Linux. Maybe this is your first time converting from Windows. Maybe you’re a Linux veteran trying Java for the first time. Maybe you’re new to both Java and Linux and you’re running some crappy program some other Java guy wrote. Whatever your background is, you now find yourself …

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Eclipse: Multiple Problems Have Occurred

So I’m working on some Blackberry development and I’m using the MTJ plugin stuff for Eclipse, right? I’m running things in the debugger using the WTK simulator. Now I wanna add a watch point. I add a watch on a local variable with no problem. Then I right click an instance variable and select “watch”. …

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`Which Java`?

I’m a little frustrated because I’ve been hitting some memorable distro-issues throughout the week and revisiting some of my old topics to help me through. Today I wanted to install Charles proxy so I can sniff HTTP traffic and rememberize all of the neat-o stuff I used to know about HTTP. Here’s one thing that …

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How to use rapc from RIM… dirty details!

What’s really going on in rapc, Blackberry’s crazed compile tool? Let me begin by telling you that everything you’ve read until this point is not entirely accurate. There are those that will tell you that you have to run preverify.exe prior to running rapc. Then there are those who will tell you that the bb-ant-tools …

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