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Linux Can’t load library:libmawt.so

Your a Java developer and you’ve installed Linux. Maybe this is your first time converting from Windows. Maybe you’re a Linux veteran trying Java for the first time. Maybe you’re new to both Java and Linux and you’re running some crappy program some other Java guy wrote. Whatever your background is, you now find yourself …

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KMID- KDE MIDI playback on Mepis/Debian

I had a moment of inspiration last night thinking about driving games and this afternoon during lunch I decided to try to find the MIDIs for Rad Racer. This was one of my favorite Nintendo games. (I honestly think music can make/break a driving title. For eg. Sega’s Outrun was not as much fun because …

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The SSH-wiss Army Knife

I wrote about SSH port forwarding a while ago but I don’t think y’all heard me. Listen up. (Place your ear within mere centimeters of your monitor if you will so that I can scream at’cha.) SECURE SHELL IS TEH BEST TOOL YOU’LL EVER USE IN YOUR ENGINEERING CAREER! I’m writing today because I was …

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SSH tunnels and remote port forwarding

If you want you can skip the beginning blurb and go right to the recipe. Every so often you face a tough problem then someone sayz to yuh, “Cliff, have you tried ssh tunnels?” (well that’s what hey would say to you if you were me, and if you were me you would have a …

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Use ALSA for OSX Sounds

A follow up to a much earlier post using the same idea I’ve modified my old command line shell script to handle .m4a and partially .aif files. The catalyst was my neighbor on the other side of my cube wall. He got tired of hearing my Kopete blips and I’ll admit they do sound annoying. …

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Broken screen resolutions in Mepis 7

It’s been a while since I’ve been entrenched in Linux. I used to know this stuff like I know karate. (I took all of two months of Taekwondo which were Tuesday and Thursday evening courses back in the 6th grade.) There was a time I could dcopfrom KMenu through Amarok and generate Growl-like messages when …

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KDE Katapult Tip

I’ve done this before, all of it. Everything I’ve done to my new Mepis box is a repeat of two years ago but a lot of it I can’t remember… too hazy. That’s why the blog posts. Today’s tip involves Katapult. I fell in love with it because of the way it lists my album …

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Fix Java Swing Apps on Compiz-Fusion

Or fix Swing apps on Beryl… I’m keeping my eye on this trail: http://blog.morgan.hk/2007/04/29/display-problems-with-beryl-or-compiz-and-java/ I found it using this search: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&q=beryl.jdk6.fix.sh Because I use Idea and because Idea uses Swing, and because I like eye candy, things just wont work 100% even on Debian/Mepis one of the most stable OSes around. If you use Mepis …

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Creative Sound Blaster X Fi on Ubuntu Hardy

I got a lot to say but no time to say it. For now just know that I’m back on Linux and fighting with audio incompatibility. It sux because most everything else works on my fresh new Mint Linux (that’s right I’m on Mint now, not Mepis, not Kubuntu…) install. For what it’s worth I …

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Use ALSA for KDE sounds

Building on my last post on Linux sound hacks I’m including this little gem. It’s a little bash script I wrote that plays an input parameter through ALSA. If you disable the KDE sound system you can use this shell script to push system sounds through ALSA. It assumes aplay, oggdec, and mpg321 are installed …

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