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Multiple symbol definitions

I found a way to allow multiple symbol definitions in a static library assembled from a bunch of object (.o) files. The secret sauce is adding “-z muldefs” to the g++ command line. I’m not sure what it tickles in the linker but it made my pains go away. One of these days I’ll spend a …

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Android device automation with ADB

Today’s post is something that could be a time saver or a reference for those are are vaguely familiar with Android automation. I’m posting because its something I keep coming across and something I hate having to lookup. Let’s call it… “How to automate your Android device” The “adb shell input” command can be used …

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Yak Shaving with the IntelliJ 13 SQL Query Plugin

My 9 year old daughter wanted to play a Pokemon battle with me this afternoon. I started to tell her, “I’ll be right there after I finish shaving this yak…” I’m sure folks would pay good money to see the confused look on her face if I were to have actually said that. Hi, I’m …

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Bash Hackery

This morning I found myself playing with bash commands trying to move a bunch of dirtied files to a Subversion change list. Most people find themselves after searching for years in college, others find themselves after volunteering for a mission or going on a trip to another country. Not me, I find myself in the …

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Mac Automator tip of the day

So I was looking in TextMate for one of my most favorite tools from IntelliJ. It’s the “Compare with clipboard” action that takes whatever you have selected and runs a side-by-side diff with whatever is on your clipboard. I thought for sure it would exist in TextMate but I was disappointed so I built my …

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Build a better mousetrap (Chat apps)

I’ve been quietly working on a chat app. I built one a long time ago which has been sitting on Github forever without any updates, but I’ve also recently pushed my Android “how to” to Github, you can find it here. I love working in both the Android and iOS space as I get a …

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My First C++0x!

I’d been talking up a storm about c++11 ever since this year’s ./build conference. I saw some folks talk about it and was immediately intrigued. While I love Obj-C I’ve never been much of a C/C++ coder and it always bothered me. Now with the new additions to C++ I feel I have no excuse …

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CMake, C++, and TDD

I’m in the middle of an experimental C++ fibonacci program in an attempt to familiarize myself with CMake. I barely know “Make” and now I’m ankle-deep in CMake. How did I get here? It began as part of my exploration into C++ TDD. I’ve been periodically playing with C++ testing tools trying to find a …

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Git sparse checkout

I just wanted to share something in git I learned rather recently. Don’t laugh either because I I know a whole lot of you are probably like, “git experts” and thinking… “c’mon son? You just now figuring that out?” If that is you keep your mouth shut. This post is not intended for you. It …

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Can your IDE do this?

So I’m tapping out a test method in my favorite tool for developing mobile software and it looks like this: Then I notice… no, scratch that I don’t even notice that auto-complete has sprung into action and is offering me the proper completion at the top of the list, “getText()”. It happens in the most …

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